Scandinavian Building sites hold weekly meetings which are attended by a Scandinavian Building Project Director, Consultants as necessary and its sub-contractors.

Meeting minutes are recorded, required actions are noted with completion dates, responsibilities and distributed accordingly.

RFI’s are communicated and managed via a Company Director and the on site Project Managers.  Items are registered, distributed and actioned accordingly with all communication via a company Director.

With the information flow being captured through a minimum of two contacts, the opportunity for the misplacement of information is mitigated.

Sample Registers
are secured, registered and one sample will be retained by each, the client, Scandinavian Building and the sub-contractor.

Drawings & Building Services Management Registers
are maintained on site. Contractors are notified during weekly meetings to ensure, they are working from relevant documentation, aware of services interruptions and House Rules.

Scandinavian Building Site Management