Scandinavian Building people are professional, smart, and committed to the highest standards. They benefit from over 100 years of in-house experience combined in interior and exterior construction delivering commercial projects for Australia’s leading stakeholders.

They understand a high level of workmanship, teamwork, passion, and loyalty will build a reputation to be proud of.

Typically, we are called upon on a repeat basis for solving challenging construction hurdles and getting the job done.

Scandinavian Building have trusted relationships with local, International cladding suppliers, aluminium sheet fabricators, façade engineers and consultants to assist with value engineering to provide guaranteed outcome.

A track record to deliver exactly what is required of our clients defines us. We perform through collaboration at early stages, value engineering, cost and risk analysis to prevent concerns and enhance the build from the very beginning.

Clients, consultants, contractors, suppliers and fabricators all have different requirements in an industry which is changing faster than ever.

Partnerships and communication is what makes Scandinavian Building different. International and local relationships are one of the keys to our success.

Scandinavian Building About Us